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Four more years, please, no more

“Four more years, please, no more”
Digital collage
Sizes variable


       "Four more years, please, no more" is a digital collage that serves as a stand-in for an installation. The faux mixed media work collects items that pop culturally represent the struggle of African Americans in the United States and reflect the period of time from January 20, 2017, to January 20, 2021. The pieces in the digital collage are all framed as if they were in someone's office. Record albums from Ice-T, Nas, Public Enemy, Luke, and The Roots are included, along with a bleached American flag in a commemorative frame and a picture of Carl Otis Winslow, a fictional character from the sitcom Family Matters, framed with a Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor the highest medal that can be awarded to an officer of the law. Other pieces are taken from political media headlines such as the socks that the far right activists cut when Nike backed Colin Kapernick, Coolest monkey in the jungle H&M shirt, impeach 45 shirt, and the make america great hat. On either side are logos that could be interpreted as being on polar sides of the political spectrum. The piece "Four more years, please no more" is an ode to the past four years and a reminder to never take our freedom and rights for granted.