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Please, don’t, shoot, (The American way)

       In 2016, I was invited by Michael Krouse to create an installation for the show “American Landscape.” The piece, titled “Please, don't, shoot (The American way),” was inspired by the tragic death of Daniel Kevin Harris, a deaf man who was shot and killed by a state trooper when he was unable to communicate with the officer. The video is a 3 channel loop, each channel looping a different sign that together form the sentence “Please, don't, shoot”. The subtitle (The American way) is a reference to the American ideology of “shoot first, ask questions later” which means “to take hasty, immediate action with serious consequences, without first adequately investigating the situation” and the notion that guns solve conflicts or keep people safe. The installation was displayed in a window of the space.

“Please, don’t, shoot, (The American way)” Still Image
3 channel video loop
369 x 720

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